The AG and IGP fabricated evidence back in 1998 so they must now pay for this crime. No doubt that was ten years ago but the evidence has just surfaced. Yes, that’s right, a whistle-blower has just come forward to reveal the secret that he/she has been keeping for the last ten years.

NO HOLDS BARRED - The AG-IGP tag-team fabricated evidence

By: Raja Petra Kamarudin

Raja Petra Kamarudin signed a false Statutory Declaration. So say the Attorney-General (AG) and Inspector-General of Police (IGP). And, for that, Raja Petra must be sent to jail for two years under Section 203 of the penal Code.

Okay, no problem, I can live with that. But for sure the AG and IGP will be in the next cell of the same block and they shall remain in jail longer than I will. You see; the AG and IGP fabricated evidence ten years ago, back in 1998. And the punishment for this is more than just two years jail. So, while I go in for two years, the AG and IGP will still be in jail long after I have been released and will be sitting in the Havana Club enjoying my Cuban cigar.

Some of you may by now be blur on what I am talking about so allow me to take you for a trip down memory lane. On the night of 20 September 1998, Anwar Ibrahim was arrested and taken to the Bukit Aman lockup. The then IGP, Rahim Noor, entered the lockup soon after that and beat Anwar up. Anwar was blindfolded and handcuffed when Rahim Noor beat him up.

The recently ‘retired’ Commercial Crime Division Director, Ramli Yusof -- who is currently on trial on trumped-up charges of corruption -- rushed into the lockup when he heard Anwar screaming in pain. He grabbed Rahim Noor and pulled him away to stop him from continuing to assault Anwar.

They then left the lockup with Anwar lying unconscious on the lockup floor, covered in blood and still blindfolded and handcuffed. Ramli suggested that they send Anwar to the hospital but Rahim Noor refused. Instead, Rahim Noor asked them to detain Anwar under the Internal Security Act so that no one can meet him for the next 60 days -- and therefore find out that Anwar had been beaten up.

The next morning, Ramli went to check on Anwar and he found the latter still unconscious and exactly where they had left him the night before -- bloody, blindfolded and handcuffed. Ramli again tried seeking Rahim Noor’s approval to send Anwar to hospital but his plea was declined. Ramli then asked for a doctor to come to Bukit Aman to attend to Anwar.

At first the police said that Anwar had beaten himself up. He not only beat himself up but he continued beating himself even after he had become unconscious. This is the special quality of Anwar who can remain conscious after becoming unconscious compared to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is always unconscious whenever he is conscious.

When the government realised that only 1% of Malaysians believed that Anwar beat himself up -- and continued beating himself up after he became unconscious -- they had no choice but to order an investigation. And the investigation confirmed that Rahim Noor had beaten up Anwar and that other senior police officers were also present to witness the beating.

Nevertheless, in spite of everyone in Bukit Aman having knowledge of what happened, the current AG and IGP -- who were both in Bukit Aman at that time and were fully aware that Rahim Noor had beaten Anwar -- fabricated a report that said Anwar was beaten up by a person or persons unknown. Later, of course, Rahim Noor confessed to the crime when he realised he can no longer cover up his evil deed and was sentenced to a mere two months jail, the same jail term for someone who steals a banana. (They let him out after only 40 days).

The AG and IGP fabricated evidence back in 1998 so they must now pay for this crime. No doubt that was ten years ago but the evidence has just surfaced. Yes, that’s right, a whistleblower has just come forward to reveal the secret that he/she has been keeping for the last ten years.

Well, as I said in my 18 June 2008 Statutory Declaration: “I have been reliably informed”. Take note of this new phase my friends from the legal fraternity: I have been reliably informed. And I have been reliably informed that the AG and IGP fabricated evidence back in 1998.

God, does this Havana cigar taste good…..puff…….


I, Anwar bin Ibrahim, (NRIC No: 470810-07-5095), hereby make the following police report based on information that I have recently received.

1. This report is in relation to the investigation into the assault on me by the former IGP Tan Sri Rahim Noor on 20 September 1998. I believe Tan Sri Rahim Noor, after being prosecuted, pleaded guilty to the assault. I had lodged a police report in respect of the assault on 27.9.98.

2. In relation to the investigation into the assault, I believe that the Investigating Officer ACP Mat Zain bin Ibrahim (now Datuk Mat Zain) had conducted a thorough investigation and prepared an investigation paper (“IP”) which was presented by October 1998 to the former Attorney General, Tan Sri Mokhtar Abdullah and his team which included the current Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail for further action.

3. The said investigation paper concluded that Tan Sri Rahim Noor was the perpetrator of the assault on me. The said paper reached a conclusion after a thorough investigation which included medical reports by Hospital KL forensic specialists such as Dr. Ab. Halim Haji Mansar and Dr.Zahari bin Noor and statement from at least 60 witnesses. The medical reports concluded that the injury inflicted on me was consistent with an assault.

4. Despite the contents of the Investigation paper and the medical reports already available, Tan Sri Mokhtar with the assistance of the current Attorney General, Tan Sri Gani Patail then obtained the services of another doctor whom I was informed to be one Dr. Abdul Rahman Yusof.

5. Doctor Rahman in an undated and second report speaks of a “reconstruction of the scene” on 14 December 1998. I believe that this so-called reconstruction of the scene never happened.

6. It is an undisputable fact that Dr. Rahman’s reports in relation to the assault on me were done without actually even examining me at any time.

7. However, despite the IP and the already existing medical reports, Tan Sri Mokhtar in his press statement of 5 January 1999 appears to accept the views of Dr. Rahman on the so-called “inconsistencies” in the other medical reports by the doctors who actually physically examined me.

8. Tan Sri Mokhtar’s press statement also states that the investigation which had been carried out did not identify the person or persons responsible for my injuries. This is inconsistent with the IP which had already concluded by October 1998 that it was Rahim Noor who assaulted me. Tan Sri Mokhtar and his team therefore had willfully misled the public. As the police investigation done by Mat Zain had apparently not led to any conclusion, there was a public outcry and demand for a Royal Commission which was then set up. Tan Sri Mokhtar also made a false statement that the IP was submitted to him on 19.11.98. I believe that Tan Sri Gani Patail had full knowledge of the false contents of this press statement.

9. I believe Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Tan Sri Gani Patail were present in Bukit Aman on 20 September 1998 and knew about the assault by Tan Sri Rahim Noor on me. Tan Sri Musa and Tan Sri Gani further concealed the fact of the assault on me from the public until my black eye and injuries were revealed in court.

10. I believe both Tan Sri Musa and Tan Sri Gani Patail were actively involved in the procuring of the second undated report by Dr. Rahman which makes false and incredible conclusions such as “the pattern and nature of the injuries are not consistent with a direct blow”, “accidental nature of the injuries could not be ruled out” and “self-inflicted nature of the injury should be considered”. They gave the instructions to Dr. Rahman to proceed to write this second report and were acting under the direction and/or jointly with Tan Sri Mokhtar Abdullah.

11. These facts show that Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Tan Sri Gani Patail and SAC II Datuk Mat Zain bin Ibrahim (who, according to Dr. Rahman’s second report, accompanied him to the cell in Bukit Aman where I was detained and participated in the so-called reconstruction of the scene) conspired with Dr. Rahman to procure the production of this second report. This was done so that my police report of 27.9.98 in respect of the assault would be regarded as a false police report for which I could be charged, or at the very least, to damage my credibility, so as to affect my defence in the other criminal cases where I was charged for so-called “corruption” and sodomy to facilitate a conviction.

12. I wish to point out that Tan Sri Gani Patail was the senior prosecutor assisting Tan Sri Mokhtar in the prosecution against me. Tan Sri Musa Hassan was the Investigating Officer for my prosecution. I also believe, that in an unprecedented manner, an operation room specially for my prosecution was set up at Bukit Aman’s compound where all these individuals would meet regularly.

13. This is not the first time that allegations of fabricating evidence had surfaced in connection with Tan Sri Gani Patail. I am informed that in the Federal Court decision Zainur bin Zakaria v Public Prosecutor [2001] 3 MLJ, Steve Shim CJ in delivering his judgment pointed out that “… was he not justified, on a prima facie basis, in complaining that Tan Sri Gani Patail’s conduct at the meeting on 2.10.1998 was an attempt to get Nalla to fabricate evidence in order to perfect charges against him for other alleged sexual offences?” The references to “he” and “him” in that sentence are references to myself.

14. In relation to the above, I refer to the following documents which will be of assistance to the police:

a. The press statement by Tan Sri Mokhtar issued on 5.1.99.
b. The notes of proceedings in the report of the Royal Commission of the evidence of Dr. Rahman
c. The second undated report produced by Dr. Rahman exhibited in the Royal Commission report.

15. I call for a fresh investigation into the fabrication of evidence in this case which I am advised is an offence contrary to section 192 of the Penal Code punishable up to 7 years imprisonment. I ask that all the persons who are implicated in the procuring of this second report by Dr. Rahman i.e. Tan Sri Gani Patail, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Dr. Rahman and Datuk Mat Zain bin Ibrahim be investigated thoroughly so that the truth is known and the offending individuals punished.
1st July 2008